Partner Programs

Your Office Smarter TMAgent Program

Our goal is to be flexible to meet our partners needs.

Your Office Smarter TM is proud to service our Partners, with consulting, training, marketing support and unmatched customer service. With our integrated cloud platform, as your base system you can maximize your service portfolio as well as your monthly recurring revenue.  We are willing to work with you to customize the platform, we will work with you to integrate with your other vendor components to provide a easy to use and sell cloud solution to your customers.

Our Partner include  data centers, hosts, Telco's and other service providers. Solution, Platinum, and ISP/Carrier Partner Programs. Our partner programs range from free to paid, Commission or wholesale depending on your needs. You can always move between partner programs for free and grow up the partner levels and our relationship grows. These programs allow you to control your system and choose to do simply Sales, to hosting and managing the platform in your data center, on your servers.

We offer consulting and custom development so we can Taylor the platform to meet your needs or vision. We can integrated into your exiting systems such as billing, hosted exchange, and many of your existing offerings, including MetaSwitch and Broadsoft to maximize on your existing infrastructure.

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Become a certified partner call 212.981.1504.

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