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Your Office Smarter TMcombines your voice and data communication to offer you a complete and SINGLE point for all of your business needs. IT is accessible anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Your Office Smarter TMoffers the perfect solution for all of your communication needs with its Virtual Office.  Unlike all other virtual offices on the market there is no complicated software to install on your personal PC, and there is no need to have it running when you wish to enter your desktop.  You can access your virtual office at all times from anywhere with Internet access. You can view our Full Feature List below

 even keeps track of all your equipment assets & software licensing so you can properly locate add and delete items from you network Shopping Cart. Never worry if a new device or computer will work with what you have, we offer Certified Onsite Hardware.


cloud pnone number One Number cloud email Email
Never give out multiple numbers again. Have one number for all your calls and faxes. Never miss a call with our follow me and forward to options. Area codes are available in most locations, or port existing business numbers over so you do not have to spend extra money or time changing your existing number. You can even set your calls according to your schedule - i.e. if you are out to lunch send calls directly to voicemail. Or just ring all your devices.
Access emails at anytime from any location. Receive an email address at your company's domain name and give your company a professional feel. Use Outlook OWA for familiar look and feel, enjoy all Outlook has to offer including compose, send, receive, reply, forward, attachments, signature, spell check, address books and more. Email boxes come unlimited storage and are fully virus and spam protected. You can even listen and respond to emails from any phone using advanced text to speech technology.
cloud voicemail Voicemail cloud fax Fax
Access voicemail by dialing into your account. Listen to your voicemails, emails and fax notifications live from our voice attendant. Choose to send callers straight to voicemail. Voicemails are also accessible in your email and are delivered as an attachment.
Send and received faxes directly from your email inbox. Receive faxes as attachment, forward to as email, send to printer, or save your fax. Attach documents to an email and send to fax machine or dial into your voicemail and forward your fax to any fax machine (including the hotel fax).
cloud calendar Calendar cloud contacts Contacts
Personal and Public Calendar. Share events with others, invite attendees, set reminders or reoccurring events. Access your calendar by dialing into your voicemail, or accessing your messages online. Sync your calendar with your PDA or mobile device.
Personal and Public Contacts. Save and file contacts information. Dial directly from your contacts (if using our VoIP service) with click of button. Access your contacts by dialing into your voicemail, or accessing your messages online. Sync your calendar with your PDA or mobile device.
cloud documents Documents cloud applications Applications
Use your virtual desktop to create and save documents with programs that are pertinent to your business, you can access all your applications and documents from anywhere anytime. Use our files on demand to share documents with any of your devices.
Our virtual desktop comes standard with Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Standardize all users within your company, and never have to perform upgrades.  We also support applications like QuickBooks, CRM and custom applications.

Device Manager/ Find Me Forward Me / Simultaneous Ring
Never miss another call again. Avoid having to give out several numbers just in case your are not reachable at a certain location. Your Office Smarter TM allows you to set your call to the device of your preference, like cell phone, office phone or home phone, your in control, any location on any device.
Have all of your calls and messages forwarded directly to any number. Whether in the office, at home, or in a hotel have your calls directed to you immediately.  You can also ring multiple devices. Ring you assistant and your cell phone, your your desk phone and cell phone it's easy.
Data Storage/Back Up Voice Back Up
Your system is backed up every day and our systems are redundant fir real time networking, so you will not lose documents, files, database entries and client information. We back your files every night and you can restore all on your own using our archive on demand,
We use our soft switches to re-route the company calls to the correct person or workgroup. So, your employees can work from any phone, anywhere. Your customers and your calls still go through and voice mail is always available. Our switches are in NY, GA, CA, the ultimate redundancies.
Spam/Virus Protection FREE IP Phone
Real-time protection to reduce the risk of spyware and viruses reaching the system. Automatic removal for easy disposal of security risks side-effect repair to clean up registry entries, files, and browser settings after hard-to-find spyware infection. Enhanced tamper protection guards against unauthorized access and attacks, protecting users from viruses that attempt to disable security measures Backed by Symantec Security Response.
Each Your Office Smarter TM account comes complete with a FREE IP Phone that can go on any desk, this offer for a free desk phone is on 5 year contracts. Enjoy the freedom of Internet phone calling. Decrease your current phone bill and pay the same rate for long distance calls as local calls. Point your phone number to this phone and save. Its unlimited
Its not your old school phone. It even integrates with your outlook contact's
Encryption Notes/Drafts/Tasks
All servers are ISN protected by protecting published content on the Internet using a state of the art network and leading industry firewalls. TM uses patent pending security technologies to secure your private files. 
Keep track of your personal or work-related errands you want to track through completion. Save drafts of emails that you are still working on or will need to send out on a continual basis. Or jot down notes as you are working. T

Reminders Global Address Book
Never miss another meeting. You can set reminders on your appointments and meetings. You can then determine how long before an appointment or a meeting the reminder message will appear.
Have access to your company's global email address list so you may conveniently and easily send internal emails to your colleagues.  
File Sharing Synchronize

Share company folders and documents with employees from in or out of the office even at several locations throughout the day.  Even from out of the office its fast and simple no more waiting for files to transfer. Have the ability to access these folders from anywhere at anytime, it will change the way you work.


Access all of your information live 7/24/365 from any location in the world. Be in sync with offices in different locations or while away from your own office. Options are also available to sync your PDA or wireless devices. iPhone, iPad, android, sync as many mobile devices as you like.

Access from Anywhere Company File Structure
Your Office Smarter TM is available from any where at any location with any device. There is no software to download or install. Simply login to a secure web based browser or dial into your voicemail to access all your information.  
Have an organized file structure that is consistent throughout your company. Share files throughout your organization and on the road. Assign and deny access to required files as necessary. Increase employee productivity.
Conferencing Extension Dialing
This reliable service allows you to conduct a multi-party conference in an effective manner without the hassle of dialing each individual or an operator. Instead each involved party has a dial-in number and passcode to connect to the conference, making it easier than ever, Share video, a presentation even your screen.
With Your Office Smarter TM each user within your company will receive an extension you can dial directly from your FREE IP phone. Callers can simply dial each employees extension to contact them. Extension Dialing between offices are completely FREE - eliminate long distance or international calls between offices.
Click to Dial Company Main Greeting
Your Office Smarter TM is now able to allow users to dial contacts directly from their Microsoft Office contacts. Never have to dial another number again. Simply click a button on your contact and have the system dial your number and your contacts number automatically. Put a link on email signature or on your website and it will instantly connect you to anyone
Provides your company with a professional voice presence, and includes a main Toll free number for your company. PBX Main Greeting starts off with a professional personalized greeting for your company. It includes a dial by name directory for your users and direct dial to extensions for any Messenger user account, so you can provide a direct link to support, billing or any other service function.
Public Folders Maintenance
Allows your company share information such as Calendar, Contacts, News Groups, and more with public folders. Access this information in the office and over the internet, through any web browser using Outlook Web Access.
Although all Your Office Smarter TM comes complete with Maintenance, you have the option to add additional support. Full management includes 24/7/365 support on, hardware, software, security, IP network, and loaded applications. Full management covers maintenance of your systems up to the application level.  
Additional Storage Custom Applications
Scale your business without having to purchase expensive and additional equipment. As your company grows so will the amount of information - our virtual office will automatically increase to ensure your data is being stored properly.  
Add programs that are pertinent to your business, whether you are a law firm and need law software such as Saga or Amicus, or a design firm and need software such as Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. QuickBooks, ISYS, and other applications are available.
Archive On Demand Files On Demand
Receive a access to all your data ye all your data.  Archive on demand Ensures that your information is safe and you can even retain a copy at your location. Nightly will backup all your data and all you secure access to it, you can burn a CD, DVD of your information, databases and such for your records.

As Easily move files on and off the system, similar to drop box Files on demand allows you to share files on any device.   
Token Login Company Integration
While our system is secured with user passwords, they don't enable you to distinguish between intruders and legitimate users. An employee could still give his/her password to someone else. RSA Security can provide a strong, reliable addition to password theft. 
Simply adopt Your Office Smarter TM can adopt the look of your company's website and will integrate the two seamlessly. Ease employees, customers, and/or clients by keeping the look the same. 

Mobile Apps Soft Phone
  Your Office Smarter TM comes with free mobile apps for your phones or tablets supporting apple Microsoft and android devices   Free software phone for your, PC, MAC, Tablet or phone, no setup required just login with your username and password
  Be Social BIZ Card
  The wall brings the power of social networking to your company. Your Office Smarter TM Be Social is as easy to use as great free software like Facebook yammer and Twitter, but is designed for company, easily find other employees and resources within, train your employees and increase team efficiency, poll and praise each other, while Keeping  your employees off Facebook and share only the information you want to with the outside world.   Everything is connected calls, email, calendar and contacts with any smart mobile device. Your digital business card or email signature is all you need for people to stay connected to you and your employees, in stead of having a messy email signature with ton's of links, or do complicated programming to create it use your BIZ Card as your  email signature
Social Media Hub Simple website hosting, and company contact page

Connect with customers through click to dial, email, maps, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, , Blogs and more check it out  company hub Whether you are launching a hashtag campaign,  want to aggregate content from multiple social networks, our free included Hub can help you create higher levels of engagement and time on site. Our platform allows you to easily create a mix of social media sources, in one simple to view place.

  Customers and potential customers can contact your employees, see all your social media, call you, chat with you, email or visit your office or store from all one place. We will also host your website free of charge and give you the tools to manage it

Office Analytics

Your Office Smarter has beta released Office Analytics to provide you the ultimate analytics for your employees.  With Office analytics you can insure your business is going to grow. We here at Your Office Smarter know how tough it is to grow a business and how critical it is that you hire the right talent. By having business analytics integrated into your office system you can see how your employees are working, how many emails are they sending how many phone calls are they making, how many hours a day are they logged into the system.

This insight will allow you to see how your employees are working for better training and success. Want to grow and don’t have enough space or want to downsize your office and let people work from home, now you can without having to worry whether your employees are working or not. Managing sales teams is so much easier, you can easy see how many emails, phone calls and time your sales people spend doing what they are supposed to be doing. You can also get a great picture of your inbound traffic, how many people call your company send you emails, its great to manage and watch how traffic is coming into your business. We are the only company proving these types of critical analytics to our customers.

Your Office Smarter TM is the most comprehensive network on the market designed to revolutionize the way you work and to insure your business is running 100% of the time through even the worst disasters.  See how Your Office Smarter TM compares to the competition!

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