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Providing Businesses Cloud-Based Office Systems for Over 10 Years

For over 10 years, Your Office Smarter TMhas been helping small businesses get smart about success with fully integrated suite of cloud-based office systems. Don't let your office infrastructure slow you down and stop you from being successful. Save money and run a more efficient office with Your Office Smarter TM .

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Your Office Smarter TMvs. Remote Control Software

Office DesktopHow Does Your Office Smarter TMCompare to other Remote Desktop Software?
Your Office Smarter TMis designed for the telecommuter(s), mobile workers, entrepreneurs, at home workers, or multi-office businesses.  It is both a mobile tool and is coupled with a security feature to prevent your voice and data information from potential disasters such as computer failure, viruses, outages, floods, fires, etc. - making Your Office Smarter TMthe Next Generation telecommuting tool.

How does Your Office Smarter TM differ from conventional PC remote control software?

  • No Software to Install
    There is no software to install.  If you improperly set up PC remote access software you will allow any Internet user to remotely control computer and access to all your information.  Since Your Office Smarter TMdoes not require software, we can offer you affordable rates as well as free upgrades.
  • Access from Anywhere
    Your Office Smarter TMis not PC remote control software.  It is truly independent of your local PC giving you the freedom to access your information from any location, any device without having to access you local PC.
  • No Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Unlike PCAnywhere or GoToMyPC the remotely control computer does not need to be powered on or running. Requires no virtual private network or remote access VPN software.  Simply access your information from anywhere without having to remember whether you left your local computer on. Virtual private network or remote access VPN, is a software tunnel that provides secure access over the Internet. The Virtual private network allows telecommuting but is limited because of the different network configurations that a telecommuter will encounter.
  • Unified Voice and Data Communications
    Your Office Smarter TMis a complete managed network that allows the telecommuter or telecommuters access to voice and data communications. You can receive your phone calls, faxes, email and PC remote access from any location without any PC remote control software to be loaded on your PC apple.  A feature that is designed specifically for the needs of the mobile worker. Your Office Smarter TMis designed for a secure full service voice and data network complete with VoIP phones.
  • Secure and Protected Voice and Data
    Your Office Smarter TMis the only virtual office product that is designed to securely backup for information and prevent your information from being lost in the event of a disaster.
  • Data Storage
    Instead of having your information stored on your local PC , Your Office Smarter TMstores your information on in its facility location that is temperature controlled and monitored by certified engineers.

There are many remote control software applications out there - to see specifically how Your Office Smarter TMdiffers please click here