Your Office Smarter TMwill save you 30%, or we will pay your $500.


One Platform. No Complications. More Productivity.

Break free from the time and hassle of running and maintaining your office infrastructure. Office cloud-based office systems streamline setup, minimize maintenance and reduce IT costs for all your applications, data, communications and backup needs.

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Your Office Smarter TMSavings

Powerful Tools To Help You Save

Now, more than ever, small- to medium-sized companies need to find innovative ways to control costs while scaling resources, limiting exposure, and improving employee productivity to remain competitive.

Your Office Smarter TMcan help.

Instead of taking on the expense and hassle of building and maintaining an infrastructure, paying for IT professionals and servers, and spending your hard-earned profits on software upgrades, let Your Office Smarter TMdo it for you. You pay just one affordable flat monthly fee per user and only pay for the features you need.

Low Startup Costs
There's no software to purchase, no hardware to buy – ever. All you need is an Internet connection and your existing PCs and laptops.

Decrease Ongoing Expense
Use the hardware you have right now. No high-end PCs, servers, or applications are needed because all your software is running in the secure Your Office Smarter TMt data centers. Future users only need a thin client device (a stripped-down PC priced as low as $300) to utilize the service. Extension dialing between offices is FREE eliminating cell phone, long distance and international charges.

Instant Scalability
Scale up fast to support your growing business and only pay for what you need. Make changes to telephones, computers, and servers instantly - without counting the days and weeks until the infrastructure catches up.

Decrease Risk
Your data is centrally managed in a restricted center, backed up daily, and secured, so it's not susceptible to loss or corruption. No more worries about expensive data backups and restores, archiving, viruses, hackers or data breaches.

We will save you at least 30%, or we'll pay you $500!

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