Partner Program Overview

Your Office SmarterAgent Program

Get your free development account today, integrate voice into your apps and software with our voice API.

Your Office Smarter TM is proud to service our Developer partners, Easily make your app in the cloud add your software to our market. We offer training and market your apps to our users.

We also provide you with a free Office Account, with all the development software you need, We include a free system to host and manage your websites.

Included with your free account.

Office Developer Account List of features

MS Office 2016, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017,
Windows Software Development Kit.
Microsoft Expression, Web, Blend, & Design 
Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, & Fireworks, SQL Management Studio.
Plenty of Voice SDK and API's
Website Hosting and management software for all your websites and customers
Files on Demand FTP services
Email, Fax, Phone Conferencing and much more.

Your Office Smarter TM Delivers Opportunities To You

With an aggressive compensation structure, first to market product development, and 17 years experience serving customers in the cloud, why would you deliver your clients anything less than the best?  Sell Office, on top of your existing software and sell your development services, software and or apps to our existing customers and make more revenue.

Become a certified Developer call 212.981.1504.