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One Platform. No Complications. More Productivity.

Break free from the time and hassle of running and maintaining your office infrastructure. Office systems streamline setup, minimize maintenance and reduce IT costs for all your applications, data, communications and backup needs. Gives you unmatched data protection in our certified data centers

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How Cloud Works

Your Office Smarter TMSupport

How does cloud work ? - Reduce Cost of IT While Increasing Worker Productivity
Your Office Smarter TM ,  has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the future of network services including voice, video and data communications. We have created One, Simple, Secure, Universal Network

Office gives you secure, reliable access to your IT department, communications & computing environment much like online banking gives you access to your finances.  Through Office's Encrypted web portal, users simply login and gain access to   all of your voice features, email, faxes, files, Voicemail, Conferencing  and software applications you need to run your business. All you need is a internet connection, a phone and a PC and your ready to go. All of the programs accessed through Office run on our servers not your local PC, through a familiar Windows TM desktop. Only screen images, keyboard entries, and mouse clicks are transmitted across the Internet.  Learn More What is Cloud Hosting
All of your communications run through our Unified messaging communication system that handles all your PBX, fax, and messaging features.
This means that any office with a internet connection is ready to Go. You can use your IP Phone from any location simply plug into your network. Your Computer is accessible from, any computer running Windows or Mac.
You can access all your files and run all your Windows TM applications regardless of your computer's age or computing power. For example, a PII with 32 MB of RAM running Windows 98 can run the same applications as a Dual Processor PC with 2GB or RAM running Windows 7 with the same performance!


Its easy and hands free to get on our Help desk will do it all for you
1. Discovery
2. User & Admin Setup
3. Data & Application Migration
4. Voice & Messaging Transfer
5. Training

If you have ever used Windows TM on a personal computer or a Traditional Office style PBX Phone then you are already familiar with Office's look and feel. And don't worry we will train you and provide nay help and support you may need. After logging on, you will see a Windows TM desktop complete with the familiar Windows TM components - Start Menu, My Documents, My Computer, and so on. Network drives (also known as shared drives) are available for companies to share data among users. Navigating your Office desktop is no different than navigating through Windows on a Office computer, Its just Faster. If you can print from your personal computer then you can print from Office . The same printers you print to from your personal computer are available within your Office environment. We support all printer types including bubble/ink/laser jet printers, laser printers, and network printers.
Virtually any WindowsTM software application will run on Office. QuickBooks, CRM, ACT, Simply Accounting, SAGA Legal System, MS Office, and Outlook are just a few of the applications currently hosted in our environment.
All we require of our customers is a computer (laptop or desktop) and a Phone we supply, Internet Explorer, and an Internet connection - even a Cellular connection will work! Nothing more is needed on your end.
Our Help desk team is always there to help, we can even remote and fix your local PC.  There is a team of Office network engineers continuously monitoring, carriers, phone companies, optimizing, and administering your environment. 

Our job is to provide you with the best communications and a computing environment rivaled only by our competitors.  We look after all aspects of the network including server availability, firewall security, anti-virus, backup, application performance, server performance, and Internet connectivity. - please see our complete list of features