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Your Office Smarter TM Inc. is the next generation business network, offering a complete managed voice and data system that provides the ultimate secure mobile voice and data virtual office. We are the leading provider of converged web-based services which was developed in 1999 and called Your Office Smarter TM , US Patent Pending.

Your Office Smarter TM . is dedicated to making networking simple, by providing fully managed collocated network systems and applications. We offer full service hosting, dedicated hosting, comprehensive management services and disaster prevention solutions. Your Office Smarter TMcurrently sells 500 plus Virtual Business Solution Components that provide shrink wrapped managed applications for our customers, the cloud

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About Your Office Smarter TM

Reduce Cost , Technology & the Modern Non-Profit Your non-profit just got a whole lot smarter.


The plight that faces non-profit organizations most often revolves around fundraising to meet programing objectives, fundraising to facilitate capital projects or fundraising to meet administrative costs. With this revolving fundraising door taking priority over most other functions (including mission at times), technology is often left to be pieced together haphazardly and most times without a strategy as to how the technology will be able to positively effect the day to day functions of the organization.


Technology in fact is often a four letter word in the non-profit sector, a necessary evil, something that must be tolerated or endured. The exceptions that prove this rule are often the very large non-profits, family foundations, libraries; but those do not make up the majority of non-profit organizations in America.


The majority of non-profit organizations in the US have budgets of less than one million dollars and need the most help in maximizing that budget to enable them to grow. A strong mission, dedicated workforce & valued service would be strong indicators of success in the for profit world, but not always the case with non-profit organizations.


Technology has been a fundamental component of business (profit & non) for decades, yet utilization of this powerful tool has often lagged in the non-profit sector. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which has been cost. The cost of technology has often been prohibitive for a typical small town non profit to implement.


Technology has historically been a capitol expense requiring non-profit organizations launch specific fundraising campaigns to finance or extracting the necessary funds from vital programming budgets. So whats the big change now?


Technology is undergoing the greatest shift since the introduction of the internet. The way information is shared, accessed and stored is fundamentally changing. What you know as the cloud is the tip of the iceberg in the way we use technology. The first of many benefits to non profit organizations is the the shift from  capitol expenditure to operational expenditure. This alone should be a driving force for non profits of all sizes to begin defining the organizations strategy to move to cloud based technologies and solutions.


If that alone doesn't drive these organizations to review their technical strategy then we can start talking about the benefits of redundancies, back up, ease of use, elimination of maintenance, security, reduction of hardware and the dozens of other benefits that will be achieved by migrating their IT, communications & mobility solutions to the cloud.

Until then lets look at taking a first step and looking at the current technology strategy for your non profit organization.


Your Office Smarter TMprovides the most advanced network Your Office Smarter TMand remains carrier independent with both data and voice services. The cost savings and increase in productivity are limitless - please see our complete list of features to better understand what comes included.

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