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    Your Office Smarter TM . is the next generation business network, offering a complete managed voice and data system that provides the ultimate secure mobile voice and data virtual office. We are the leading provider of converged web-based services which was developed in 1999 and called Your Office Smarter TM , US Patent Pending.

    Your Office Smarter TM . is dedicated to making networking simple, by providing fully managed collocated network systems and applications. We offer full service hosting, dedicated hosting, comprehensive management services and disaster prevention solutions. Your Office Smarter TMcurrently sells 500 plus Virtual Business Solution Components that provide shrink wrapped managed applications for our customers, the cloud

  Cloud Office

About Your Office Smarter TM

We can Put it all in the cloud for you.

We can Put it all in the cloud for you.  

 Why Choose servers and try to build your network in the Cloud   Go per user. Our Office System has everything you need and more, included; Messenger, Desktop, Conference, PBX, Phone, and much more.   

Simply chose users devices and applications   Our systems are replicated & protected through a multi-tiered network and anti-virus protection architecture. Located in two data centers over 900 miles, you can become SaaSII compliant with your mouse.  

You don't have to build your network upgrade your application software or cloud later on  Cloud or Not, It's Your Choice   You can be on our shared environment, You can be on a utility based platform or on your dedicated Servers, you have the choice.  Redundant servers, storage, and Internet connections ensure that you have around-the-clock access to your data and applications. We Replicate our system off-site, in another Data Center.

Data centers are best-in-class. Turn your small business IT environment into an enterprise infrastructure equivalent to those Fortune 500 companies and large banking institutions wish they had for a fraction of the cost. Per user pricing simply choose your applications. Full of Features - please see our complete list of features   Daily backups protect against data deletion/corruption and are kept for a minimum of 90 days.   Office safeguards against the unauthorized dissemination of proprietary company information.

 We use better encryption & Technologies technologies then the major banks   Our cloud service offerings are based on running our system for 8 years, proven best practices, and repeatable delivery methodologies to help customers realize the full value with the safety and comfort of experience.  You can add Server level cloud computing and applications to Office  Our interface allows you to add servers to Office on the fly  

Global Platform allow you to expand your applications around the world   Manage your servers with our integrated tool or we can mange them for you.   We provide your complete back office Disaster Prevention   Unlimited customer support.   Online Directions.   Web and email based trouble ticketing system.   Online billing.  

 The only thing you need to worry about is your business. We manage your local internet connection and even your PC's. We look after everything else.   We manage all software patches and upgrades.   Guaranteed license compliance.   Use the same applications you use on your personal computer. Cost effective   We Guarantee savings   Pay monthly with no long term commitments. 

Get access to the latest hardware and software technology without ever paying for an upgrade.  

Pay for what you need, when you need it. Easily add or remove users from your monthly subscription.   Turn what used to be capital expenditures into monthly expenses that can be budgeted.  

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Replace your Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, and Public Telephone Switched Network with the Your Office Smarter TMor the cloud. WAN-LAN-PSTN=IAN. Clear your mind with fixed costs, security, reliability, continuity and productivity from the leader in Small & Medium Business Networking. Get back to what's important - Your Business.

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contact us at 212.981.1504.