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For over 10 years, Your Office Smarter TM has been helping small businesses get smart about success with fully integrated suite of cloud-based office systems. Don't let your office infrastructure slow you down and stop you from being successful. Save money and run a more efficient office with Your Office Smarter TM . read more



Office Analytics

Peace of Mind Knowing what Your Employees are up to.


Your Office Smarter has released Office Analytics to provide you the Ultimate analytics for your employees. With Office analytics you can insure your business is going to grow. We here at Your Office Smarter know how tough it is to grow a business and how critical it is that you hire the right talent. By having business analytics integrated into your office system you can see how your employees are working, how many emails are they sending how many phone calls are they making, how many hours a day are they logged into the system. This insight will allow you to see how your employees are working for better training and success. Want to grow and don’t have enough space or want to downsize your office and let people work from home, now you can without having to worry whether your employees are working or not. Managing sales teams is so much easier, you can easy see how many emails, phone calls and time your sales people spend doing what they are supposed to be doing. You can also get a great picture of your inbound traffic, how many people call your company send you emails, its great to manage and watch how traffic is coming into your business. We are the only company proving these types of critical analytics to our customers.

Employee Productivity
Its now easy to see how your employees preform so you can help them be more productive, tallying the information from the Phone Analytics, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Exchange Analytics, Application Analytics, User Training Analytics you can easily see how your employees are producing, expand this into your Business Data and you will really be in control of business.

Cloud Employee Productivity

Phone Analytics
See how many calls, your company and users receive and make, how many they answer VS how many go to voicemail.

Cloud Phone Analytics

Desktop Analytics
See how many hours your employees are working on their desktop, how many hours a day or a week

Cloud Desktop Analytics

Microsoft Exchange Office 365 Analytics
See how many emails, your employees are making and receiving how many they read VS unread and how many appointments they make

Microsoft Exchange Office 365 Analytics

Application Analytics
See what applications your employees are using, how many hours did they spend actually working VS browsing Facebook or Amazon

Cloud Application Analytics

User Training Analytics
See what employees have setup their system, email signature,  participated in training you post on the system
Cloud User Training Analytics