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Facebook in the office can leave you at risk see our release on the wall

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Corporate Facebook, Social Media Hub, e-mail signature.

With Office you get more work done on the go. With your Office Wall you get company training, email signature with integrated contact information, as well as a per user and company social hub integrates your business into the social media world, at your finger tips while keeping your information private, want to post into the public word you can do it with a click of a mouse.

The wall brings the power of social networking to your company. Office wall is as easy to use as great free software like Facebook yammer and Twitter, but is designed for company, easily find other employees and resources within, train your employees and increase team efficiency, poll and praise each other, while Keeping  your employees off Facebook and share only the information you want to with the outside world. Allow your employees to use the power of social media within your company

Everything is connected calls, email, calendar and contacts with any smart mobile device. Your digital business card or email signature is all you need for people to stay connected to you and your employees, in stead of having a messy email signature with ton's of links, or do complicated programming to create it use your Office email signature its easy and free, it also includes the employee's social media and well as full company information, its mobile ready

Your social media hub its allows you to harness the power of social media into a simple, branded free company page.

Connect with customers through click to dial, email, maps, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, , Blogs and more check it out  company hub

Whether you are launching a hashtag campaign,  want to aggregate content from multiple social networks, our free included Hub can help you create higher levels of engagement and time on site. Our platform allows you to easily create a mix of social media sources, in one simple to view place.

Customers and potential customers can contact your employees, see all your social media, call you, chat with you, email or visit your office or store from all one place.

Office supports iPhone, iPad, Android, , BlackBerry, Pocket PC, and Palm on all network providers.

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