Our Infrastructure

 Cloud SASE-16 compliant


We strive for the highest level standards and set to exceed government standards like, SSAE, NIST, FISMA and HIPPA. Our Network Security is also designed with the highest standards more


Infrastructure Partners:
Was designed and chose our partners with allot of care and planning

All information is stored between 3 Data Centers  

Our data center locations

Your Office Smarter TM -NJ
15 Corporate Pl South Piscataway, NJ, 08854-6107
Your Office Smarter TM -ATL
5080 Old Ellis Pointe Roswell, GA 30076
Your Office Smarter TM -VA
8619 Westwood Center Drive Vienna, VA 22182
Your Office Smarter TM -FL
36 NE 2ndStreet  Miami, FL 33016
Your Office Smarter TM -CA
650 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA 94103
Your Office Smarter TM -NV
3330 E Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89081
Your Office Smarter TM -IL
800 S Wells, Suite 190 I Chicago, IL 60607
Your Office Smarter TM -UK
227 Berwick Avenue Slough, England (UK) SL14QT


About Your Office Smarter TM

Three Data Centers- New York - Georgia - California

Office infrastructure spans across three data centers in separate geographical regions insures 100% uptime. Both systems are in constant sync always providing to our users. Our primary data center is our own property and under our management. Our secondary data center space is leased from a certified data center over 900 miles away on the East coast and another data center on the west coast. Both state-of-the art data centers are connected private redundant fiber If a data center
is wiped out you will be routed to our secondary live data center. so there is physical independence.


All of Our state-of-the art data centers are protected round-the-clock by security officers, Closed Circuit Television, personalized access cards,  only authorized personnel have access to the facilities.  All access in and out of the facilities are monitored and recorded for each individual.  The Network Operations Centre monitors temperature, physical access, Internet connectivity, and electrical power 24 hours a day all year round.  More on our Network security


A reliable source of  power is of paramount importance when operating 24x7x365. Our electrical power is provided through many sources primary power is provided with our co-generation, system and utilizes Wind & Solar Power with backup from the GRID

In the rare event one of our power sources goes down or power failure occurs, then Batteries provide interim power during transfer to alternative energy sources.  Office has taken the necessary measures to ensure that our services are available Green and available to our customers when they need it.


Integrated co-generator cooling provides chilled water to the building according to per-determined temperature, capacity, and consumption. Our facility's current load is handled by an  heat exchanger which, by design, can be doubled. The district chilled water supply is augmented with a centrifugal chiller on 15-minute stand-by for supplemental cooling and a  cooling tower, which provides environmental cooling in the cold months.

Our job is to provide you with the best communications and a computing environment rivaled only by our competitors.  We look after all aspects of the network including server availability, firewall security, anti-virus, backup, application performance, server performance, and Internet connectivity.

If you have any additional questions contact us at 212.981.1504.