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Providing Businesses Cloud-Based Office Systems for Over 10 Years

For over 10 years, Your Office Smarter TM has been helping small businesses get smart about success with fully integrated suite of cloud-based office systems. Don't let your office infrastructure slow you down and stop you from being successful. Save money and run a more efficient office with Your Office Smarter TM .

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Your Office. Smarter TM

Hosted Office with Voice and IT support  

YOS Office provides you everything you need to run your office MS Office, email, voice,  secure file storage, applications,  IT support, unified communications, conferencing, Social Media, Employee Analytics, and more on a redundant infrastructure, comes complete with a technical advisor, and a dedicated support team to manage it.


Imagine one Hosted office with voice, all your applications, File storage, click to dial, call recording, a hosted VoIP phone for your desk, a softphone or any device, daily archiving, hosted exchange and daily backup, . Our reliable and secure datacenters, and our solution makes it easier than ever for you and your employees to do business anywhere and access data at anytime.

All you need is an Internet connection. There is no software to install, no IT professionals to hire, no additional hardware to purchase. Everything you need is on one platform with zero complications. To view the Full List of features click here

Hosted office with voice

Our Hosted Office Starts with One Number

Our Hosted office with Voice Starts with a phone number for each of your user, Never give out multiple numbers again. Have one number for all your calls, SMS and faxes. Using our system you can point your calls to any device on or off the Your Office Smarter TM system or to any other employee in your company. Your Office Smarter TM hosted office with integrated voice is unmatched in the industry, with true intergradation between voice and data.  

Managed Desktop in the cloud

Managed Desktop in the Cloud

Quickly access all of your applications and files from any computer or mobile device. Our advanced desktop in the cloud runs on powerful servers in 3 data centers that enable you to work from anywhere at lightning speed.  our hosted office includes Desktop in the Cloud, and Archive on Demand so you can restore any file on your own. No more waiting for tapes or an administrator to retrieve important files you thought you lost.

Office Applications

Managed Applications

  Our Hosted office with Voice and managed applications,  comes standard with the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Standardize all users within your company, and never have to perform upgrades.  We also support applications like QuickBooks, CRM See list, and custom applications too.

Office Custom Applications

Managed Custom Applications

Whether you are a law firm and need law software like Saga or Amicus, or a design firm that needs Fireworks or Dreamweaver. Your Office Smarter TM has the software you need. Looking for something more custom? Have one of our programmers develop your very own program, or use a certified and tested application of your own.

Office Documents

Managed File Storage

Our hosted office with voice and file storage, comes with several different types of file storage, all included in our hosted office,   to create and save documents that you can always access and control access to. Each customer gets a Shared Drive (with manageable permissions), a personal users folder and Files on Demand (a secure drop box equivalent ) To view the Full List of features click here Scale your business without having to purchase expensive equipment. As your company grows so will the amount of information you need to store. Our virtual office will automatically increase to ensure your data is always available.

Office Email

Managed Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted office with Voice and hosted exchange, Access email anytime from any PC or mobile device. Use Outlook OWA and enjoy all Outlook has to offer including compose, send, receive, reply, forward, attachments, signature, spell check, address books and more. Office will provide you with multiple email addresses at your company's domain name to give your company a professional feel. Email boxes come standard with storage and are fully virus and spam protected. You can even listen and respond to emails from any phone using advanced text to speech technology. Take full control of your spam, white list, black list, etc. All your mail is caught by the enterprise mail guard system so you will never lose an email again. Share Calendars, Contacts, News Groups and more with public folders.

Office Conferencing

Managed Bridge, Video, Web Conferencing

Hosted office with Voice and conferencing, send a single conference dial-in number and passcode to multiple users instead of having to call each individual. Conferencing is available 24/7, making it an effective solution for last minute calls or international meetings.  The robust system can also dial out and place users into conference, making it easier than ever for your company to manage multi-party conferences. (Also see: Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing.)  Share presentations and desktops with multiple users online. Includes support for video conferencing, chat and much more. You can host a voice and video conference or simply conduct a video chat with complete HD quality.

Office Free IP Phone

Managed IP Phone

Hosted office with Voice come with a IP Phone with each Office account on a three year contract. Decrease your current phone bill by up to 30% and pay local call rates for long distance calls. Travel with your IP Phone and receive free calls to your office from anywhere in the world. Ask about optional video capability. Record customized greetings and select from many advanced options like sending callers straight to voicemail. Listen to your voicemails, emails and fax notifications live from our voice attendant or have voicemails delivered to your email in audio or text files.

Office Contacts

 Click to Dial from Outlook Contacts or CRM

Hosted office with Voice and click to dial Save contact information and dial directly from your contact list with the click of a mouse (if using our VoIP service). Access your contacts by dialing into your voicemail, or accessing your messages online. Contacts automatically sync with your mobile device. Dial contacts directly from your Microsoft Outlook contacts. Never have to dial another number again.

Office Device Manager/Find Me

Ring All, Device Manager/Find Me

Never miss another call again. Office Hosted office with Voice allows you to send certain callers to the device of your preference. Have all of your calls and messages forwarded directly to any number instantaneously. Know who's really calling. Have incoming callers announce their name before you answer the call. See full caller ID on your phone and or desktop.

Office PBX Features

Company Main Greeting PBX Features

Provides your company with a main toll-free number and a professional hosted voice presence. It includes a dial by name directory for your users and direct dial to extensions, so you can provide quick access to support, billing or any other service function. IVR, ACD, advanced call quality, call waiting, three-way conference transfer, intercom voicemail, message waiting light, ACD and text-to-speech.  With Office each user within your company will receive an extension you can dial directly.

Office Fax

Hosted Office with voice and Fax

Hosted office with Voice and fax, send and received faxes directly from your email inbox. Receive faxes as an attachment and save them directly on your computer. Send faxes by attaching documents to an email or dial in to your voicemail and forward faxes to any fax machine.

Business Analtics

Office Analytics

Your Office Smarter has beta released Office Analytics to provide you the ultimate analytics for your employees. With Office analytics you can insure your business is going to grow. We here at Your Office Smarter know how tough it is to grow a business and how critical it is that you hire the right talent. By having business analytics integrated into your office system you can see how your employees are working, how many emails are they sending how many phone calls are they making, how many hours a day are they logged into the system.

Office Access From Anywhere

Access From Anywhere

Office is available from anywhere, at any time and with any device. There is no software to download or install. Simply login to a secure web based browser or dial into your voicemail to access all your information.

Office Synchronize / Mobile Devices

Synchronize/Mobile Devices

Be in sync with offices in different locations or while you're on the road. Access all of your information live from anywhere in the world. Sync support is available for PDA, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and many other wireless devices.

Office Virus Protection

Virus Protection

Your data is safe with Office. We provide real-time protection to reduce the risk of spyware and viruses. Backed by Symantec™ Security Response, the world's leading Internet security research and support organization.

Office Encryption


All servers are ISN protected using a state-of-the-art network and industry-leading firewalls. Office uses patent pending encryption and security technologies to secure your files remain private.

Office Token Login

Token Login

A token login provides an extra layer of reliable security by requiring an additional passcode be entered before accessing sensitive information. This passcode changes on a regular basis and helps protect against intruders that may have guessed your password.

Office Maintenance


Office comes complete with maintenance, though you do have the option to add additional support. Full management includes 24/7/365 support on hardware, software, security, IP network, and loaded applications.

Office Presence


See who is on the phone or IM, who is in and out of the office, share your desktop and much more.

Office Data Storage/Backup

Data Storage/Backup

Never lose a file or database. Your entire system is backed up everyday in our fully redundant system. Our network is equipped to operate at peak performance, all the time.

Office Multiple Data Centers

Multiple Data Centers

Our redundant data centers are located over 900 miles apart to ensure continued productivity with zero outages.

Office Redundant On-Site Servers

Redundant On-Site Servers

As your company grows, Office will scale with you. Once your company has grown to a certain size, Your Office Smarter TM technicians will assist you in placing an onsite server at your location. This will ensure redundancy, and maximum quality of service for the size of your organization.