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We strive for the highest level standards and set to exceed government standards like, SSAE, NIST, FISMA and HIPPA.


Our data centers are separated by thousands of miles, and chose for the highest level of network uptime  read more


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Providing Businesses Cloud-Based Office Systems for Over 10 Years

For over 10 years, Your Office Smarter has been helping small businesses get smart about success with fully integrated suite of cloud-based office systems. Don't let your office infrastructure slow you down and stop you from being successful. Save money and run a more efficient office with Your Office Smarter. read more




Peace of Mind Knowing You're Office is Protected.

Cloud Office SecurityHackers, viruses, worms, Trojans, malware ' your company and customer information is under constant attack. Eliminate the constant threat and worry of a breach with Your Office Smarter's industry-leading security.

Your Office Smarter provides eight different layers of unmatched protection to keep your files away from prying eyes.

8 Layers of Protection

1. Sophisticated Network Design
Your Office Smarter protects your emails, phone calls, and sensitive files by using a number of tools and patent pending ISN security technologies to combat external threats while allowing normal business operations.

CISCO enterprise-class firewalls and our patent pending network design provide restricted access to and from our network. We also employ sophisticated Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), to safeguard against unwelcome intrusion attempts.

2. Anti-virus & Anti-Spyware
Protection from viruses and spyware is a full-time job. We use four different anti-virus and anti-spyware engines from some of the world's most reputable technology providers.

In addition, we restrict the ability for users to visit risky websites, access and download suspicious files from the Internet, and prevent the ability to send/receive email with malicious content.

3. Network File Access Restrictions
Your Office Smarter implements both user-level and group level security to every file and folder on our servers. Users cannot browse folders or view files they aren't authorized to access.

4. Application Security
Customers can only access applications they have paid for. Trying to download and launch an executable file from the Internet is disabled. This eliminates the risk of a user inadvertently launching a malicious application.

5. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Security Audits
Each and every day, week, and month we conduct a thorough audit of the Your Office Smarter system to ensure our security measures are working.

6. Server Access Restrictions & Privacy
Users cannot browse folders, open files or access servers unless granted direct access by an Your Office Smarter representative.

7. Backup & Recovery
Your Office Smarter backs up user files daily at redundant data centers over 900 miles apart. This ensures consistent, reliable, and available access to your data through a multi-stage process of off-site data replication, and on-site backup, with requested restores.

8. Data Centralization
Most modern computing environments are made of a mix of on-site and remote workers. In such environments, sensitive information may exist on any number of computers at home, at the office or on the road. Your Office Smarter restricts data from being taken outside of the Your Office Smarter system to ensure the integrity of your data.