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    Your Office Smarter TM . is the next generation business network, offering a complete managed voice and data system that provides the ultimate secure mobile voice and data virtual office. We are the leading provider of converged web-based services which was developed in 1999 and called Your Office Smarter TM , US Patent Pending.

    Your Office Smarter TM . is dedicated to making networking simple, by providing fully managed collocated network systems and applications. We offer full service hosting, dedicated hosting, comprehensive management services and disaster prevention solutions. Your Office Smarter TMcurrently sells 500 plus Virtual Business Solution Components that provide shrink wrapped managed applications for our customers, the cloud

Connect Multiple Locations

About Your Office Smarter TM

Reduce the Cost of Communications Between Offices Your office just got a whole lot smarter.

Is your company divided throughout multiple locations, making office-to-office communications and information sharing difficult and expensive?

Are you finding that information located at one office is needed in another location? Is it hard for callers and customers to be routed to the right employee?

Your Office Smarter TMconnects remote employees, home based employees and multiple locations seamlessly to offer clients a professional presence. It also increases worker productivity and decreases costs.

How does Office do that?

Let's first consider a few scenario's that you may be familiar with. Document sharing - you are reviewing and editing a file with another colleague and must first wait for them to complete the edits before emailing the next version to you. Now you have two copies of the file - that you have since edited and they just sent you the wrong file back. Our solution is file sharing. Each employee has granted access to company files where they can edit and save files that their colleague can access as well, eliminating all of the back and forth emails - increasing worker productivity.

Here's another scenario, consider offices spread across the United States, one in Florida, one in Maine and another in Washington. Can you imagine the cost of the company's long distance phone bill? Office provides Internet calling with extension dialing for no cost from office to office, eliminating their interoffice calling bill completely. Callers are also able to transfer calls without clients ever knowing they are in another state - or Country!

Office offers FREE IP phone with signup so there is no additional hardware cost of transferring over to our VoIP service. Act as if - what does this mean? Act as if your employees are physically located in a central office. Answer calls and forward directly to an assistant or to other employees in a different office or working from home.

Find out how can the mobile workforce benefit from Your Office Smarter TM 's technology. The cost savings and increase in productivity are limitless - please see our complete list of features to better understand what comes included. Learn what VoIP is and how Your Office Smarter TM 's service works.

Replace your Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, and Public Telephone Switched Network with the Your Office Smarter TMor the cloud. WAN-LAN-PSTN=IAN. Clear your mind with fixed costs, security, reliability, continuity and productivity from the leader in Small & Medium Business Networking. Get back to what's important - Your Business.

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