Is your company currently  debating its first location, changing business locations, expanding into new quarters, or renovating your current space? Office is capable of handling all of your needs from construction, furniture, wiring, network, and telecom services. To learn more about our abilities in managing your new office needs click here to see our complete Business Resource Guide. read more

Starting a Business

Your Office Smarter TMSavings

Office Designed for Small Medium Business

At Your Office Smarter TMwe know how hard and expensive it is to start a new company.


Don't want to go for the initial expense of opening an office? Office can help. Office provides true collaboration and information sharing from any location so all your employees can work from home or in the office. Open your new business for less and start with a strong network that can grow with your company. With Your Office Smarter TMyour network can grow one employee at a time.

Appearance is everything no matter your business. Office will supply you with a business network and phone system comparable to an enterprise system at an affordable cost. We know new businesses have few employees and Your Office Smarter TMallows you to make the most of them by allowing for ease of access and advanced call control so your new customers can easily stay in touch. Your Office Smarter TMis all your new business needs including professional in house technical support and business Startup Assistance For more details, please contact us or sign up for a demo.

To get started imagine giving out one number instead of five, with Your Office Smarter TMyou can.

Eliminate the Need For:   Office Creates:
John Doe   John Doe
Company X   Company X
212-551-5555 Direct   212-551-5555 Office/Fax/Mobile/Direct
212-552-5555 Office
917-553-5555 Mobile    
212-554-5555 Fax    

How does Office do that?

Office provides employees powerful unified communications plus the collaboration features of Microsoft Exchange™ in one service. One personal local number or Toll-free number* is assigned to each user for your calls, faxes, and voicemails. Employees securely access their voicemail, email and fax messages at home, in the office, or on the road. Allow mobile workers to forward calls to any number (Home, mobile phone, client site) and send/receive faxes, voicemail and e-mail in our hosted Microsoft Exchange™ mailbox. Organize, retrieve and share your secure calendar, tasks, Inbox, clients contact information, and messages. Please see our complete list of features

Have access to all your company files and safely back them up on our redundant system  offsite of your premises. As an added bonus our Office stores and backup all of your company information. Never again have to worry about upgrades, updates, spam/virus protection. Please see our complete list of features or get Startup Assistance

Allow employees to be more accessible and productive both in and out of the office. By using a secure login, users access their inbox from any standard web browser, and are provided with three email aliases. Each is assigned to the user with either or, allowing you to retrieve all forms of messages through email. One personal local number or Toll-free number* is assigned to each user for your calls, faxes, and voicemails. This professional business solution is great for consultants, businesses and single users to exert a professional business presence to their clients, while easing their own communications, all at one low monthly cost! Please see our complete list of features

The cost savings and increase in productivity are limitless - learn more About Your Office Smarter TM Startup Assistance to better understand what we can do together.

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