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What is VOIP

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VoIP - How It Works

What does VoIP stand for?
What is VoIP?
How does it work?
What are its advantages?

What does VoIP stand for?
VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as IP Telephony, or Voice Over the Internet (VIOP).

What is VoIP?
is a new way to make and receive calls over the Internet much like sending and receiving emails.  Phone calls are transferred into data and sent through high-speed Internet.  There are four different methods of communication which VoIP offers: computer to computer, computer to telephone, telephone to computer, and telephone to telephone.

How does VoIP work?
First let's define the difference between circuit switching and patch switching.  Circuit switching routes your call through the switch at your local carrier to the person you are calling - we use this when making a phone call with a normal telephone.  VoIP uses patch switching, which is more efficient since it transmits compressed data called a packet.  The packet of data is then sent from one system to another.    Patch switching allows several telephone calls to the same space that only one call would inhabit in a circuit switched network - a key reason why VoIP is much cheaper. 

What are its advantages?
VoIP allows you to make calls virtually for free anywhere in the world.  The rates are significantly less than direct telephone connections.  This is how we can offer you free employee-to-employee and office-to-office calls.

Why choose VoIP?

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